Monday, March 14, 2011

productive weekend

The weekend was wonderful...
  • J and I went for a run! We followed the first step in the couch to 5k program, and it went well! I know he can run a lot longer (and probably faster) than I can, but he was very patient, and the run was a success. :) We have plans to run on Tuesday before Glee and Thursday before our mini-vacation in Chicago. I also signed us up for a quarter marathon (6.6 miles) at the end of May... it will serve as motivation to keep up with training!
  • We did a lot of talking and planning. We have been running into a problem of spending more than we budget, and we came up with a couple of ideas for how to prevent that in the future. Best of all, the conversation wasn't too stressful! It felt good to be working on something as a team, and even if our new plan doesn't pan out how we want it to, at least we're trying something new.
  • The sun was shining! This never fails to lift my spirits, and I hope this weather holds for the weekend... I want to be able to walk around in Chicago, so hopefully it doesn't suddenly become wintry again.
  • I slept a ton... after sleeping poorly while J was out of town, it was great to get caught up on sleep. This also meant that I was more patient and more positive during our planning-- something that definitely made a huge difference.
I'm looking forward to

  • two nights away, with some celebrating and some relaxation!
  • visiting J's aunt, uncle and cousin... we haven't seen them since the Packers/Bears game, and since they're Bears fans, they weren't too happy!
  • seeing some old friends on Saturday. It's been a while since we've gotten that group together, and it should be a blast.
  • more warm weather so that J and I can finally have our garage sale! This will free up our "library," and help to de-clutter the rest of our apartment. Plus, since there's some nice stuff to sell, I'm sure we can bring in a little bit of money... to save for another vacation down the line. :)

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