Wednesday, March 16, 2011

massages! (friday)

I. am. SO. EXCITED. J and I are getting massages on Friday, down in Chicago. I actually bought a couples massage special through living social, and managed to get various meals for our mini-vaca through groupon. Meaning: less money spent= we can go to Florida for A.F.'s bat mitzvah in May. Perfect!!

Back to the massages-- I'm particularly excited because as I've been doing some running, I've noticed a spot in my lower back that seems to be 'pinched'... (what exactly is getting pinched, I don't know) but it doesn't feel good. But today when I was carrying A up for his nap, I realized that the pinching might have more to do with how I carry the kids. As a rule, I carry them on my left hip, meaning that I bend over to the right a bit. Argh. I'm not sure how to correct this...?! I've tried carrying them on my right, but that just means I bend over to my left, and I don't want to have problems on both sides. J suggested doing some yoga to stretch it out and maybe even build some strength, but I think I'll have to pair it with more running and some weight training to actually make a difference. (That being said, I'm sure yoga will help release some of the pressure building in my lower back.) As for the kids? I guess I'll have to stop carrying them... though it's often a lot easier to carry them than to wait for them to do what I'm asking them to do. Mmmm.

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