Friday, June 24, 2011

fun in madison

So, in an effort to do as much in Madison as possible, including all the things we've been putting off for years, J and I finally planned a ton of stuff for the rest of the summer.
First up-- this weekend we're headed to the cottage for Saturday, including one of N's awesome Bloody Mary clinics... everyone brings their favorite Bloody Mary recipes and we "vote" on the best one. :)
On Sunday we're headed to the Dells for a day of bowling, go-karting, and bumper cars. And since we've been talking about going to Wollersheim for as long as we've been legal, we're gonna stop there on our way to the Dells. Yes... this will likely be at 10:30. We are not concerned-- it is on our list, so we're doing it. 

Further summer plans include a trip to Chicago, a beer and wine tasting at Fromagination (on the square), Third Eye Blind at Summerfest, a Mallards game, a kickboxing class (it'll be interesting, haha), and various other fun things (like a visit to the new Union South). 

What about you? Any fun plans? Any suggestions for last-minute Madison fun?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

more ugly things

More awesome finds from our Kohls trip last night:
Apt. 9 Two Tone Bead Cuff Bracelet
Because we all like to sound like reindeer in July.

Apt. 9 Gold Tone Bead Charm Stretch Bracelet
Seriously. How do you get things done with this monstrosity weighing you down?!

(In the same vein...
Apt. 9 Gold Tone Bead Multistrand Necklace
Wow. Just wow.)

Apt. 9 Gold Tone Bead and Starfish Charm Swag Necklace
For grannies aspiring to bling out like Mr. T. 

Apt. 9 Gold Tone Simulated Pearl Bead Charm Cluster Stretch Ring

I'd love to show you more, but apparently they're reserving some of their ugliest designs just for in-store customers.

I think one (or more) of their designers may have been spending too much time at a retirement beach resort... 

heat v. mavericks

I. J is convinced the Mavericks will take the series. I'm rooting for the Heat.

II. Normally, we'd bet each other $5-10 and never end up actually doing anything about it. So for this bet, I decided to make it interesting.

III. Yesterday, in lieu of going home and hiding in our closet from the not-tornado, we went to Kohls to pick up some Keurig coffee. Naturally, like every time we go there, we first stopped by the jewelry section to make fun of all the ugly things. (Seriously, it's a lot of fun... especially when there are a bunch of old women around and J loudly announces his disgust at things with colorful descriptions.)

IV. Among other things, we found this charming piece of "jewelry":

Perfect for tweens who think it's cool to wear caked-on makeup and let their thongs hang out.

V. If the Heat wins, J has to wear this delight to work for a day. Ditto for me if the Mavs take it.

(I think it's a fair trade.)