Thursday, June 9, 2011

heat v. mavericks

I. J is convinced the Mavericks will take the series. I'm rooting for the Heat.

II. Normally, we'd bet each other $5-10 and never end up actually doing anything about it. So for this bet, I decided to make it interesting.

III. Yesterday, in lieu of going home and hiding in our closet from the not-tornado, we went to Kohls to pick up some Keurig coffee. Naturally, like every time we go there, we first stopped by the jewelry section to make fun of all the ugly things. (Seriously, it's a lot of fun... especially when there are a bunch of old women around and J loudly announces his disgust at things with colorful descriptions.)

IV. Among other things, we found this charming piece of "jewelry":

Perfect for tweens who think it's cool to wear caked-on makeup and let their thongs hang out.

V. If the Heat wins, J has to wear this delight to work for a day. Ditto for me if the Mavs take it.

(I think it's a fair trade.) 

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