Tuesday, March 15, 2011

positivity breeds positivity

I've been reading some interesting blogs lately... particularly by women who detail their eating and exercising. Honestly, it's been inspiring! My favorite has been Julie's blog-- she takes lots of pictures of the food she eats, and I've gotten lots of new ideas for healthier meals. (They'll have to be somewhat modified... I'm not a huge fan of mixing my fruit and cheeses.) She's very upbeat and positive, and she makes it seem easy to maintain a balance between eating well and having treats.
The best find on the blog? These sandwich thins:
J and I went to Sam's last night and bought a 2 pack (with 16 thins), and they're great. :) I like them a lot better than regular bread... especially because they get extra crispy when you toast them. My lunch of tuna salad on sandwich thins was delicious.
Speaking of tuna salad: I made it with fage yogurt and a little bit of chipotle mayo... amazing. Since I don't love regular mayo, this is a huge improvement. :)

In other news, J and I are trying to spend less money on food (hence the Sam's trip). We stocked up on cereal, bread and sandwich thins, deli meat and cheese, some veggies, canned tomatoes, soup, and 10 lbs of onions  ($5!!). J made sure we stuck to our list (I'm terrible at it!), and we spent just over $100. We're gonna try and avoid going shopping for another week and a half, and see how we do. We're stocked up on frozen broccoli and peas, so we should be okay for veggies.

Also, I know I'm about 5 years late with this, but I love Friday Night Lights. I've been watching the first season while working on stuff around the apartment (particularly when I'm doing dishes). I felt like an idiot crying over the sink as they realized that Jason is paralyzed. So sad! (Yet so addictive.)

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