Friday, March 25, 2011

half marathons

So I'm looking for (a) half marathon (or two) to sign up for. We're currently signed up for a quarter marathon at the end of May (6.6 mi), but I want to have the next race set up so that we don't lose momentum.

Here are my current thoughts:
-the Old Man River in New Orleans in December
-the Golden Leaf in Aspen in September (maybe as a one-year anniversary celebration?)
-the American Discovery Trail in Colorado Springs in early September (obviously wouldn't do this and the Golden Leaf in the same year)
-the Heels and Hills and Him in Irving (Texas) in September (okay, maybe I got stuck on September haha)

Since they're all half marathons, I'll take a look at the registration costs...

It would also help to know where we're living at that point! :)

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