Thursday, May 19, 2011

splitting the blog

Earlier tonight, I texted various friends and siblings to help me come up with a new blog name. I felt like my old title (for better) was more indicative of who I was in January... someone who was still very much stuck in the college cycle, and unable to think past it.

And since I was presented with two names that I liked-- "honk honk! it's Harriet!" from Joe, and "wine, words, & weekends" from my darling J, I decided to split my ramblings into two blogs. One will focus on my musings on the world in general, and the ridiculous things in particular ("honk!"), and "wine" will focus on my thoughts on books, movies, and (of course) my favorite wines.

To get the ball rolling on the ridiculous...
I present to you-- the woman who rear-ended a truck while shaving her... well, why don't you read it and see what she was shaving.

As a teaser, her mugshot

Winner, no?

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  1. Ahaha! On a side note, I think it's awesome and kinda hilarious that 2/6 people following your blog are named Betsy :)