Monday, May 9, 2011

more flowers/ he's baaaack!

First: it really is spring now. There are flowers everywhere, and I snapped some of these Saturday on my way home from the farmer's market...

It's wonderful to have so many bright, colorful flowers everywhere. It really brightens my day. :)

And, finally... he's back!

 (He's so good at posing for pictures!)

 I picked up J from the airport on Saturday, and the rest of the weekend was wonderful. Yesterday we got to see some of our favorite people... grilling with Dave and Justinery, and finally seeing Joe and Molly's kitchen was a great way to celebrate being DONE with everything!! (Still hasn't really sunk in, I'm expecting panic within the next 72 hours.)

The next week should be quiet-- I'll still be working part-time, but I'll be applying for jobs all over the place. It's a little scary, but I am excited. :)

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