Monday, May 16, 2011


I am not a patient person. (J, I know that's an understatement.) But lately, it has gotten out of control-- when watching movies on Netflix, I sometimes google the movie and read the plot on wikipedia. Crazy, right?! It completely ruins the notion of watching a movie, and more often than not, once I know how the movie will play out, I'll move onto the next. J and I have gotten to the point where we need to put away our computers if we're planning on watching a movie together... this bad habit is particularly ruinous when watching scary movies.

I dreamt last night that I met someone who works on the set of Glee, and I demanded to know who dies in next week's (or tomorrow's) episode. This struck me when I woke up-- I wonder how often I ruin things for myself because I'm too impatient to just wait it out.

That being said, it makes me really anxious not to have any clue as to what we'll be doing and where we'll be in August. This whole graduation thing just highlighted how unprepared I am for the real world, and how aimless I feel. I wish I wanted to become an accountant, or a pharmacist, or something that I could have been prepared for through school. My own schooling hasn't prepared me for anything specific... just broad, vague ideas of things. 

I wish I could google my life and see how it turns out.

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