Friday, May 20, 2011

how J and I know we're adults

1. We eat gummy vitamins.

2. We have groupons to go play Laser Tag, and for a day of unlimited go-kart and bumper car rides. (Separate places, separate times).

3. We eat Chocolate Cheerios like the world really is ending.

*** To be fair, at least J eats the Cheerios plain... he used to eat Frosted Flakes with sugar on top. Puke.


  1. Thanks for letting the world know!

    Also, I was about 7 (still not totally excuseable, I know) when I put sugar on Frosted Flakes.

    There's the sign of adulthood, moving on to Chocolate Cheerios. By the way, we might be running out :)

    Thank you for my gummy vitamins, let's do plenty of other adult things together!

  2. Sugar on Frosted Flakes? Nasty.

    I find that as absurd as people who put sugar on strawberries. I mean c'mon. Fruit doesn't really need the help does it?

    I think the only cereal that could potentially use some added sugar is Rice Krispies. And even then I kind of like the fact that they don't taste like anything...