Monday, May 2, 2011

playing outside in warm weather > studying for finals

Yes. I realize that I will be done with both finals in less than a week. And I understand that I'm then done with finals that matter for my degree. And I am fully aware that in the grand scheme of summer, this week is only 6 short days of having to ignore how nice it is.

BUT, given that this winter was miserable, and spring turned into a whole month of rain, it seems highly unfair that right when I have to hunker down and get studying, it's finally beautiful out.

And no, studying outside does not work for me. Having a sunny day means barbequing, reading trashy novels, and drinking beer... none of which would help me do well in school.

Oh, to be done with school.

But I hear when you start work full-time, they never let you outside and you turn into a vampire...

Are there no other options? Can I go back to kindergarten?

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