Thursday, May 19, 2011

re: purse

Yes, I know that I wrote a post a couple of days back about how I'm so happy to be getting rid of stuff all over the place. And it's very much true!

I've actually been looking for a while to replace my current purse because it has a giant tear in it, and one day when I reached in for a lipgloss I was nearly cut to shreds by a mysterious rusted-looking metal wire, which I later determined was from the top (inside) of the bag... meaning it travelled around the entire inner lining of the purse in order to give me tetanus scare the living daylights out of me.
(During the last week of classes, my low-on-sleep brain jumped to the conclusion that some creepy guy slipped some rusty metal stick into my bag-- I'm clearly paranoid about the intentions of my fellow students.)

Thus, I truly am trying to get rid of stuff... I just happen to need a new purse.

Plus, starting Friday, I want to see if I can go an entire week without spending money on impulse buys. [And no, just because I say I'm "planning on going to TJ Maxx" doesn't mean those purchases are planned for.] But more on that later...

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