Sunday, May 1, 2011

a few of my favorite (awkward) things

So, as much as I hate awkward situations in person, I think they're hilarious when a) I don't have to witness them, and b) I have no stake in the awkwardness.

My favorite websites dedicated to awkwardness:
Hilarious family photos... gems like this one

and this one

Obviously, the pics are gems, but the titles and captions only add to the hilarity.
Check it out for yourself

Next up... definitely more awkward, and therefore hysterical. 
Includes far more half-naked pictures than anyone needs to have taken during pregnancy, like this one.

(best part is that this was their Christmas card... 
what lucky family members they have.)

And for extra creepiness, check out this one...
(Doesn't it look like it belongs on the cover of a horror movie?!)

Blogger Amy Morrison at Pregnant Chicken compiled this list of winning awkward pregnancy pics.

Lastly, for the kind of embarrassment that can only happy within parents and their offspring:
Parents Shouldn't Text, brought to you by the makers of Damn You Auto-Correct

parents shouldn't text funny crazy awkward text messages from mom and dad

What about you? Do you relish the awkwardness of others, or do you stay away if possible?

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  1. Awkwardness is excellent!

    Like you say, if you dno't have a stake in it, then HA! it can be so much fun.