Friday, April 22, 2011

productive day!

Today has been uber-productive, and especially so considering I didn't get up until 1. (Yes, 1 pm-- No, I don't know how that happened.) Any-who...

I applied for two internships and a job!!

I hope I get at least one of them... ideally I would do the two internships during the summer and start at the job in August or September! Either way, I'm super excited that I finally have something started... I was beginning to wonder how this whole job search was going to end up if I never got started. More importantly, I now have an updated resume (with not too much pink), and I'm excited to start applying to other places. 

I'm also pretty excited for this weekend... it will include not only sushi, but a Brewers game and a chance for my to wear my new Brewers sweatshirt! :)
It looks mostly like this, but is a zip-up, and the hood is lined with yellow:
Yay for my favorite team (colors)!

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