Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What would I even do with millions?

I would travel.
And have kids as soon as I've seen as much of the world as I'd like.
And pay off school debt and save for retirement and buy a new car so I don't have to sit on the bus with crackheads (this really happened today... call me elitist, but I'd prefer not starting my day that way) and let my dear husband explore any field he wants to go into and probably visit Cassie in Alaska even though I said I would never go anywhere that's colder than Wisconsin and not buy a house.
Oh, and I would buy J an iPad.

Simple dreams really.

I wouldn't change where we live. (Minus not having access to our driveway at the moment.) And I wouldn't change my plans for the summer-- I would still work with the kids and hopefully PP and read a lot.
I wouldn't buy a fancier car than I'm already planning on... although I may decide to get a RAV4 rather than the Outlander Sport. Mostly so that our cars would "match".

More money wouldn't really change how we live right now... it would likely just allow us to worry less about the future.

Oh, and I would donate thousands of dollars to the Vilas zoo.
I certainly owe them.

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  1. A million dollars would be wonderful!

    Imagine - no debt, no worry over the financial future, and a simple life. Simple here meaning not much stuff.

    Those things don't really require a million dollars, but the money would make travelling easier.